Lady Lamb (tsuzukinoai) wrote in studyinisthesex,
Lady Lamb

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Dictators - What's your stand...?

Hello there! The name's Lamb, and I'd like some help with something I'm working on...

I know this must seem like a very obscure question, but I am in the process of working on a project for school, and I am trying to test the waters of consensus, so to speak. I am creating a story in which the protagonist is a global dictator, and would like to know what people think would be her largest character flaw, as such.

Technically speaking, I'm trying to ask the very complex question of what are the biggest problems that you think would face a female global dictator? I wouldn't take her sexuality into the equation normally...but in talking to a few of my friends, I've discovered that many people are more nervous about the concept of her being female rather than her being a dictator.

Because of my fierce desire to make this story realistic, and make other characters that will make the story interesting, I'd really like to hear some thoughts, if it's not too much.
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